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Rapid Reset Method - Kian E Z Eder

Raise Your Energy Frequency, Magnetise Higher Frequency Relationships or Transform your Relationships NOW!
with the Rapid Reset Method (RRM)

The Rapid Reset Method is a Revolutionary Transformation Framework created by Kian E Z Eder over the last 20 years that clears energetic patterns in the sub-conscious mind and energy field to magnetise a NEW reality. 

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Kian's Healing Story

Kian Eder is a Psychic, Shaman and Spiritual Guide, Transformational Healer & Life and Business Coach with over 20 years experience in the Personal Development industry.

After suffering from severe abuse and neglect as a child and several 'near death' experiences, Kian developed psychic awareness very young and began the journey of self-discovery and personal healing in his teens.

After studying massage, energy work, kinesiology, psychology, child development and body electronics, he eventually needed to search for deeper levels of healing to overcome depression and anxiety and relationships dysfunction caused by horrific, ritualised abuse.

At the age of 23 (20 years ago) Kian learned some very powerful tools from his Shamanic Teacher, Yasmine Child that were channelled to her during a very dark awakening process.

These “Energy Frequency Graphs” are a literal ‘road map’ or ‘guidance system’ for the healing and ascension process. This system allows us to measure and track our Energy Frequency, and pinpoint exact sub-conscious blockages from this life and previous lives that are holding us back from moving forward on our Journey.

This channelled work has grown and expanded with Kian over the years and The ‘Rapid Reset Method’ is a combination of these deeply powerful tools and Kian’s lifetime knowledge base about “how we heal” and “how we evolve and ascend”.

This powerful self-healing system helps us to re-wire our minds, heal and accept our suppressed memories, and release trauma blockages formed during child-hood and in past lives.

This process automatically aligns us with our soul purpose, our true abundance, our own highest potential and moves us forward into higher and higher levels of awareness along our journey to Ascension.

As an integral part of this work, Kian also clears and teaches us to clear ‘external energies’ that are attached to us and other people and also the spaces we live and work in.

Kian teaches that this widely under rated factor contributes to a lot of major conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Confusion, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Homicide, and Suicide.

Kian comes straight from the heart with a deep aligned intention to empower you to heal, ascend, and share this work with others.

The consistent results Kian has seen from the ‘Rapid Reset Method’ after 100’s of healing sessions are truly profound.


Some Benefits of the

Rapid Reset Method

1. Transformed RELATIONSHIPS

2. Alignment of Personal POWER

3. Increasing levels of CLARITY, DIRECTION and PURPOSE.

4. Increased ABUNDANCE through energetic magnetism.

5. Continued release of FEAR _ BASED symptoms of anxiety, depression, confusion, self-doubt, worry and developed conditions like PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, and ADHD.

6. Embodiment of the divine MASCULINE / FEMININE energies.



8. Increased SENSE OF VALUE. 


10. Growing awareness of ultimate TRUTH and REALITY.

11. Increased FOCUS and ENTHUSIASM.

12. Continued release of RESISTANCE and JUDGMENT.

13. Ability to make ALIGNED DECISIONS for the highest good.


14. Increased PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and MENTAL vitality.


16. The ability to MEASURE and TRACK your own ENERGY FREQUENCY and guide your own evolutionary process.

17. SHIFT your ENERGY FREQUENCY quickly and Easily. 

Client Testimonials


Matt Love - Conscious Coach, Empowering consultant, guide, and mentor and Host of the "Food for Thought Podcast"

"Before working with Kian I was unclear of my direction, and doubted my own energy levels." 


After working with Kian, I was clear on my direction, empowered, focused, and clear on what was holding me back."


"Kian is an incredibly connected and calm person who is easy and fun to work with."


"The 'Rapid Reset Method' is a mind blowing process that can help anyone know where they are and in which direction they need to be headed.


"If any Men out there are thinking about working with him I would say 'don't think twice', do it asap and you'll get the clarity you've been looking for"


Dave Shannon - Music Teacher Abuse and Cancer Survivor"

"What can I say, Kian is a freaking Alien."


"I have had one of the most horrific upbringings you could imagine. Rape, Torture and mental abuse were daily norms for me."


"My self- esteem was destroyed and although I was a successful singing teacher no-one knew the intense self-depreciating thoughts and emotions I battled through each day to simply show up for my students."


"Over the years I have had absolutely every kind of therapy known to man and nothing ever really worked to alleviate my suppressed trauma."


" 2 years ago I developed Leukaemia.


Working with Kian and the 'Rapid Reset Method' has completely transformed my world, given me back hope, restored my faith, restored my self worth and in no doubt pointed me on the road to recovery."


"It hasn’t been easy but I am now cancer free and feel like I have been given a second chance at life."


"Kian........words can’t express my gratitude are a godsend!"


Matt Keenan - Men's Mental Health Coach and Creator of the 'Anxious Lad' Podcast

"Before working with Kian I was unable to concentrate properly on what really mattered."


I was too preoccupied with the negative "what ifs" that I couldn't enjoy anything around me."


After working with Kian I feel positive and powerful."


Kian is incredible to work with and his Rapid Reset method, for me, is one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced."


"If any man out there is considering working with Kian, I would say, What are you waiting for?"

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The Rapid Reset Method Process
What happens during a Rapid Reset Session?

The Rapid Reset Method is conducted via Zoom Conference or in a one to one setting and involves quite a few steps. Each Session lasts for 2 hours. 

Step 1. Analysis - Your Energy Frequency Graphs are drawn by the Practitioner using a very unique combination of muscle testing, client feedback and intuitive deduction. With this method we can pinpoint exact trauma events with specific people in the past in this life and past lives that are attached to specific 'patterns' in the clients life in the now. 

Step 2. Visualisation - Very specific visualisations are used in a guided meditation to connect the client with source and bring them into a state of 'spiritual observation' of their own physical, emotional and mental bodies. This allows the client to observe, witness and perceive deeper truths in their own sub-conscious minds stored from experiences in the past. 

Step 3. Evocations - Powerful evocations of the divine power that have been developed for maximum frequency allow us to shift the trapped 'fear energy' from the 3 bodies moving the client into a higher frequency and collapsing the timeline on their healing and evolution. 

Step 4. Reflection - Open discussion is encouraged as the practitioner and client reflect on the 'previous patterns' and how they have impacted the clients abilty to be physically, emotionally and mentally FREE.


Step 5. Action Based Coaching -  Intuitive and logical guidance will be given for continued shifts into new reality paradigms within relationships. 

Step 6. Integration Support - Ongoing mentorship is provided throughout the reset process as the clients magnetic frequency changes between sessions and their energetic dynamics adjust to allow new experiences and people to be attracted to match their relative frequency. 

Step 7. Ongoing 'training' - in the Rapid Reset Method for personal use as an empowering self healing tool that can eventually lead to becoming a certified practitioner in the future. 

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