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About Amanda...


I'm a Certified Masters Splankna Practitioner, a Christian based therapy & healing protocol. Splankna Therapy combines body, soul and spirit in concert to resolve emotional trauma. When all three elements of the person are working together, the change is deep and lasting.


Splankna attends to the way our bodies store emotions like frequencies. A simple combination of “touch and thought” allows the body to release these stored emotions, thus attending to the body and soul. When the stored trauma emotions behind a symptom are relieved, Splankna helps the client understand and remove the destructive vows and lies associated with those traumas. Body, Soul and Spirit.


We will also discuss methods which allow you to self-regulate during your healing process and between sessions. These transformational methods will empower you long beyond our sessions and become a tool in your life.


I’m blessed for the many opportunities I've had to learn and grow in this life and the friends/family I’ve made along the way!


I would love to answer any questions you may have on how we can collaborate and can be a blessing to you!




Splankna Therapy Practitioner

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