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About Angie...

Hi! Welcome! I’m Angie :)


I'd first like to honor you for being here and showing up for yourself!! 


((Seriously, well done.))


I’m here to support those of you who suffer with:

• anxiety

• depression

• codependency

• overthinking

• autoimmune disorders


• addictions

• migraines

• hormone imbalance

• brain fog

• and just the feeling of being overwhelmed or unhappy in everyday life.


I know those things can take over and contol our lives making it difficult or impossible to function.


But I can help you shift into a new reality!! 


I’ve learned on my own healing journey the past 20 years, how healing the underlying traumas, core wounds, and limiting beliefs that are causing the symptoms (shadow work), as well as creating a mind-body connection and implementing new habits and routines (such as gut healing, breath work, herbs and oils, self-love exercises, creating your mindset for the day, inner child work, grounding exercise, cord detachment, etc.) that you can reverse the old chronic symptoms that are no longer serving you, so you can feel better and live life with more peace, joy and ease.


Many of us Neurodivergent type people who have been diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with Autism, ADHD, or who consider themselves Empaths, Indigo Children, or Highly Sensitive People have functioned in many uncomfortable ways for so long that we think it’s just how we have to live…and were even told so by doctors and practitioners.


But I’ve discovered different/better/new ways!!


Life is ALWAYS easier when I consciously make these shifts. 


And it’s always super obvious that the struggles come back when I go back to my old thought patters or habits.


It takes dedication to yourself to be a Conscious Creator of your own Reality!! ((But it's worth it.))


And for those of us who are sick and tired of being sick and tired….there’s totally another way.


If this speaks to you, I’d be honored to tune in with you and help empower you to step into your full potential, (re)activate your own inner light, and (re)align with your higher self so you can listen to your own divine intuition with more ease.


We also do some yummy energy work with visualizations, breathwork, affirmations, and a beautiful chakra alignment.  


It’s like receiving a peaceful rejuvenating spiritual massage. Almost everyone who has tuned in for a Quantum Healing Session the past 7 years has said they feel more peaceful, grounded and uplifted afterwards.


If any of this resonates with you, or if you’re ready to feel happier and healthier in your mind, body, spirit, workplace, relationships, etc, then let’s hop on a call and tune in!


Either way, keep breathing and keep going!!


You’ve got this!! 


We're all doing our best figuring out how this human stuff works. 


Remember, we’re all just walking eachother home.

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