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The Infinity Wellness Team

Our Experts Are the Specialists & Leaders in the Industry of Spiritual Growth Development

We are all about the inner landscape, the inner spirit and soul thus we are cultivating an infinite wellspring of love, compassion, generosity and most importantly a better world for all through utilizing spiritual growth & unconditional self love

Our Initiative is To allow the open space, the opportunity, the encouragement, to be a resource, to allow each person to come back to there fullest potential through unconditional self love through inner spiritual growth

To cultivate and produce a culture founded in Truth, Peace, Love, based on acceptance, compassion, sharing, communication and service to Humanity through faith.

If you need immediate support, or a trained professional or just someone to talk to call/text our free support number at (289) 273-1290 Available 24/7

For CEO, Admin and Co-Founder Ryan J., building community around Unconditional Self Love was something he had unknowingly been doing his entire life — simply by being himself. As he explains, “I grew up feeling a lot. I knew I had a gift of empathy — of being able to really, truly understand and connect with others.”

While extending love and care to others and helping them accept and celebrate themselves is second nature to him, Ryan ultimately started this group out of necessity. In order to navigate his own hardships in life, he realized he had to openly and outwardly embrace his own vulnerability.

“[Before starting this group] I was working 60-70 hours a week. I was burning myself out on work, and neglecting my physical health. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I took a step back and was like, ‘Wow, I really need to heal myself.’ I couldn’t just rely on doctors to help me with that, or to help me navigate all my emotional needs at the time. So I started this group — for the people, by the people.”

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Spiritual Self Mastery Mindset Mentor Guide & Coach | Global Game Changer
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Angela Cruz is a Global Leader & Creator of Akashic Alignment Consciousness. Her Soul Purpose is to guide you to align into your Uniqueness in order to manifest your heart desires.


Her passion is to inspire and help you to live your Truth with Confidence as a Leader of Light through your Soul Mission and unique gifts.


Akashic Alignment Education allows you to develop a deep sense of Connection into your Divinity and Pure Worthiness. 

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Akashic Records & Alignment | Clearing Past Life Blocks
Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan

CEO & Founder | Spiritual Mentor | Energy Practitioner

Dr. Lisha Antiqua

Dr. Lisha Antiqua

Transpersonal Psychology | Trauma Therapist | NLP | Intuitive Energy

Kian E Z Eder

Kian E Z Eder

Transformation Guide and Founder of the Rapid Reset Method (RRM)

Debbie Bridges

Debbie Bridges

Warrior Friend & Infinity Wellness Energy Practitioner


V Smith


Infinity Wellness Practitioner & Mental Health Mindset Coach



Hello beautiful soul, my name is Cassidy, my journey to serve you started when I was struggling with chronic illnesses for over 8 years including, but are not limited to, chronic infections, chronic pain, chronic anxiety, autoimmune dysfunction, and overall a medical mystery for many years. 

After years of symptom suppression, I hit an absolute breaking point where my illness had taken over my life and I was in unbearable pain. During that time I was in so much physical pain that I did not have a quality of life that felt worthy of living. 

I also was in a deep dark space in my life, I had 4 family members die during this excruciating painful period, I ended a 15-year friendship that felt like I went through a divorce, I was broken up with someone I loved very deeply, and I lost my identity as my passions that I once had faded away. I felt that I was unimportant, helpless, and powerless unable to find answers. I decided then to create the answers by becoming my own saviour and that I was not born to just survive but thrive. 

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Multidimensional Healing



Warrior Friend & Infinity Wellness Energy Practitioner
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Hi Im Ira, i've been working for many years with sound, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal bowls, crystal merkaba, Gong, drum, maracas, was whah tube, chymes, percussion instruments, kochi bells, etc... I allow all the bowls, gongs and other instruments to do the work. 

I work with sacred geometry to open a healing space in the etheric body and then I allow the conscious bowls to do the healing, I am just guided by the bowls and spirit to allow the healing to take place.

Another modality I work with is access consciousness bars where I touch 32 places on the head that then get activated and can release blocked energy or open portals for healing or receiving information from higher dimensions and activate dormant channels to connect to higher levels of consciousness. Lots of emotions can come up and many blocks can be removed, depending on what the person is ready to release at that moment.

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Jampa Lhamo

Sound & Energy Healer & Infinity Wellness Practitioner



Hello!  I am Jennifer June! Love brought me into life to heal anguish and heart break in people and animals.  When I was little,  I was knocking on doors, collecting money for the humane society.  By age 10, I had taught myself astrology and read every Edgar Cayce. 


My path took me through the arts, music and writing.  I studied and studied, and eventually completed school with a Master's Degree in Social Work, and  I became a Doctor of Psychology.  So I could really do something in this world. 


I joined the military, and worked tirelessly with combat trauma..  I got to live in Germany, and see so much of this beautiful world.  The hand of God has always been upon my back.  HE led me to some very dark places, such as prison, such as mothers who lost a baby...because that's where compassion and hope are needed most. 


I learned how to listen to people with my heart wide open.  I experienced their experience right along with them.  I could give it words, I could give them a voice.  This is the beautiful gift God has given me to help set people free. 

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Psychologist & Energy Practitioner & Trauma Specialist



Infinity Wellness Practitioner
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John Patrick Mueller Is a former Buddhist Monk & Professional Counselor who has taken his unique gifts & transformed them into an online heart centered business! 


He has helped 1000's of students align into their highest self & wealth, and now he wants to help YOU do the same! Read More!



Patrick Mueller

Conscious Leadership Coach | Spiritual Business Mentor



Jordan is a gifted seer and mystic, that engages the realms of wisdom and counsel to facilitate your growth and development. Jordan is known for having the right words at the right time that help shift our conscious states to a place of wholeness, light, and love. 

Jordan is known as an accurate voice of wisdom that activates and empowers professionals to manifest their dreams and visions. He currently coaches and mentors seers, dreamers, psychics, prophets, healers, priests, ministers oracles and leaders nationally and international. Read More

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Seer & Oracle



Hi there! I'm Laura Lubarov, a world traveler, business owner, digital nomad and martial artist.


I've been setting and achieving my own goals for 20+ years now - my first goal was to overcome my shyness when I was 14! I Smart and intentional Goal Setting is the superpower I've used to create my dream life.


For me, that's living a block from the beach in Mexico, having a successful business but still having plenty of free time, making lots of money but only working a few hours a day and having Fridays off, being in great shape and practicing martial arts on a regular basis, and having a calm and confident mindset.


Now I help others get crystal clear on their goals, create a plan to get there, and use accountability to follow through until their goals are 100% DONE!

Want to see if I can help YOU create a Roadmap to your goal? Then just Click Here or Below




Accountability Coach & Goal Boss & Life Coach



Hi, I'm Dr. Lisha Antiqua Ph.D.  - My heart welcomes you.


I have spend the past 20+ years studying and healing so you don't have to take so long. I am a #metoo mentor, empowering warriors like you, to break generational cycles of abuse, reclaim your personal identity and live your highest purpose.


As a Transpersonal therapist, I empower you as you define your 6 personal power zones and lay claim to your life.


If you have been seeking a new way to heal from childhood trauma, beyond traditional therapy, medicine and spirituality, you have come to the right place. Let's begin with this gift. Read More




Transpersonal Psychology | Trauma Therapist | NLP | Intuitive Energy



Michelle Anne is a former mental health therapist that now helps healers, coaches and LightWorkers manifest beyond what they could ever imagine!


A spiritual advisor and world class transformational coach, she sees and moves you toward what you’re being called to create on a spiritual and soul level- and guides you through the transformation to become your highest true and authentic self.


If you’re looking to receive an incredible transformation in the direction of your destiny and ready to finally have your happily ever after in life, she is the one to connect with! Read More




Elite Manifestation Coach & Spiritual Advisor
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Nick is a professional healer, prophetic voice & dream activator. His journey began 2015 when he discovered that the metaphysical realm activates everything we experience in the physical realm. He is on a mission to help others activate their inner desires and accomplish their dreams.


More recently, he booked a last minute flight to Europe in March 2020 as the lockdowns began. Instead of allowing the pandemic to slow down his goals and dreams, he sped them up, traveling throughout Europe and inspiring many during that time.


He has been supercharged by light forces & the ancient guides who have gone before him to accomplish his purpose on earth. If you are looking for radical activation of the desires of your heart, then look to Nick with the Infinity Wellness Team to bring rapid transformation & acceleration of your life's purpose. Read More




Prophet & Dream Activator | Minister & Healer

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