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Let’s connect. We’ll get to know each other & I’ll ask you a couple of questions to understand your current relationship situation and connect to your Highest Vision for your Relationships. At the end of the call you’ll feel clear, inspired and empowered to experience the exact relationships you envision!


“I help awakened women break the bonds of codependency, repel the wrong men from their life and experience ONLY deep & meaningful relationships!”

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Relationship Alignment Coach

Do you want to feel heard, understood & deeply-appreciated in your relationships?


Do you want to start dating ONLY conscious men, who listen to you deeply, care for your needs and respect your boundaries?


Do you feel that the next stage of your Spiritual Path is awaiting directly in the dynamics of a conscious romantic partnership?


Then you’re on the right spot. Schedule your Relationship Alignment Session or continue reading further!

About Daniel…


Right now, I am a relationships coach helping people surround themselves ONLY with conscious, emotionally-available and meaningful relationships that support and lift them up.

But it didn’t start that way…


All my life I’ve been utterly disgusted with the way people relate to one another… All the jealousy, lying, manipulation, blame games, power-struggles, betrayal, etc.


Partly because I’ve grown in a toxic and destructive family dynamic with an emotionally abusive father, and a mother that abandoned all her needs and boundaries in the hopes to save my father.


Then, throughout my teenage years, I was the good boy, a people pleaser who didn’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt and tried to meet the expectations of everybody but himself. I was all that the people around me ever wanted me to be & my big-hearted empathy devoured my life. Even though everybody liked me, I felt the loneliest I ever did in my life!


Seeking happiness & fulfilment, I manifested my “dream” relationship only to become codependent with my partner and abandon myself with her, losing all sense of individuality! I wanted space, yet didn’t have the courage to ask for it…


When the relationship ended, the questions arose: “Who am I? Why did I experience that? How can I feel betrayed & abandoned when I actually wanted this to happen?”


Then followed 3 years of deep Self-discovery, Awareness and Inner Work.


Hundreds of books, courses, seminars, retreats... Going deep into spirituality and psychology… Meditation, Yoga, Self-awareness practices, EFT, NLP, Letting Go, you name it…


I’ve surrendered deeply, cried a lot of tears, set boundaries in place, lost many friends, healed my parental relationships, remembered my Relationships Vision. Since then I’ve experienced ONLY conscious, uplifting & meaningful friendships, and drawn to myself an emotionally-available, deeply-intimate and interdependent romantic partnership.


I’ve realised that Relationships are a SPIRITUAL PATH!


Тhroughout this journey I’ve discovered 3 phases that led me to this transformation. 


For the last 2 years, I’ve shared, refined and restructured these 3 phases to make them practically applicable for the life of every awakened soul, no matter where they are in their journey. Now, having applied this process with more than 100 people in 1-1 and group settings, it proved its transformative power and it finally reached YOU.


Let me introduce you to the Soulful Relationships Experience:


  1. Phase I: Self-awareness & Structuring the Psyche
    In this first phase, you reclaim the relationship to yourself from which you can heal your previous relationships. Then you go back in time to become aware of, examine & re-experience your past unsuccessful relationships to learn the lessons from them. You become aware of the beliefs that attracted it, write them down, structure them, segment them in your psyche and now start working with repressed feelings in your body that keep them perpetuating and attracting the same type of people in your life.


  2. Phase II: Self-acceptance & Setting Healthy Boundaries
    In this second phase, you let go of these beliefs, give them back to your parents that you most likely learned them from. Heal your relationship with them, recall the Soul Contract that you agreed with & finally break the cycle of codependency. Now with these newly-learned insights, you ground the lessons by connecting to your authentic needs, boundaries and gifts that you now learn to express transparently with all the people in your life. They act as a bridge between your current relationships and your Highest Vision of them, repelling some people away, while clearing space for new ones to enter!


  3. Phase III: Empowering Vision & Transparent Communication
    In the last phase, now you have a lot of free space inside of you to connect with your the Highest Vision of your relationships. In this phase, you write down the Vision in detail similar to a movie script while you naturally build a relationship to it. Then we segment it down in separate pieces to make it easier to work with. And now through imagination, visualisation & transparent communication you ground this vision in physical reality, because the blocks to it have been surrendered in the last 2 phases. Now you experience ONLY conscious, uplifting & meaningful relationships and start dating only men in alignment with that Authentic Vision!


If you’re curious to look at them in detail, you can check out this 2-hour long Free Training.


Here’s what you can expect:


  1. Schedule: After you click “Let’s Connect”, you’ll pick a time & date that works for you, answer a couple of questions that will help me get to know you better and put the Free Relationship Alignment Session in your calendar.

  2. Preparation: Before the session, you can watch the 3 Phases of Attracting Only Conscious, Uplifting & Meaningful Relationships Training that will make our session & time spent together more productive.

  3. Discovery: On the Call, I’ll ask you a couple specific & precise questions that will bring crystal-like clarity on your current relationships situation and help you discover (or recall in greater detail) your Highest Vision for your relationships.

  4. Strategy: By the end of our call, we’ll assemble a personalised strategy using the 3-phase process that will help you embody physically the Highest Vision for your relationships in just the span of up to 4 months.

  5. Support: If it’s a good fit and resonates for both of us, I’ll offer you the opportunity to join the Soulful Relationships Experience where I’ll guide you personally and keep you accountable on moving through the 3 phases to guarantee transformation.

P.S. Whether you join or not, by the end of the session you’ll feel greater Clarity, Inspiration and Structure in the fulfilment of your Highest Relationships Vision!

Talk soon!


With Presence & Love,


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