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Hi, I'm Dr. Lisha Antiqua Ph.D.  - My heart welcomes you.


I have spend the past 20+ years studying and healing so you don't have too take so long. I am a #metoo mentor, empowering warriors like you, to break generational cycles of abuse, reclaim your personal identity and live your highest purpose.


As a Transpersonal therapist, I empower you as you define your 6 personal power zones and lay claim to your life.


If you have been seeking a new way to heal from childhood trauma, beyond traditional therapy, medicine and spirituality, you have come to the right place. Let's begin with this gift.

Dr. Lisha has spent her life studying the spiritual and physical affects of trauma so you can heal. She received her Ph.D in Transpersonal psychology with a focus on healing from childhood trauma and it’s programming.


Dr. Lisha was awarded as one of Americas Premier Experts in self care for her Amazing You Identity Code practice. Ending the cycle of abuse for her clients and future generations is her mission.


If you want to activate your authentic nature, reclaim your identity beyond healing and design your best life - reach out to her.


Many of her clients affirm she will help you reclaim your soul and feel whole body matter what trauma you had to survive.





Transpersonal Psychology | Trauma Therapist | NLP | Intuitive Energy

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