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Karlee is an Intuitive Healer, #1 Best Selling Author, Teacher, Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist. Karlee helps people become better versions of themselves by using self-healing practices. She teaches them how to become aware, consciously, and unconsciously through teaching them proven skills and tools that trigger specific responses in their mind, body, and soul, using her methodology, The Synergistic Shifts. 


Karlee's vision is to elevate awareness of an individual's gifts in order to develop an improved world where people can equally support each other through their different perspectives and experiences while serving in their soul's purpose.

She has been in your shoes...Karlee spent most of her 20's trying to break through society's norms {post-secondary, house, family, 9-5 grind, etc} feeling stuck, lost, unsure, judged, and confused about what direction she needed to take to live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and alignment while trading least amount of time for money.

Through her diploma in Holsitic Health and Nutrition, coaches, workshops, and self-learning, Karlee was able to bust through society's expectations, shift into 5D consciousness ~ to live a life she always dreamt about but never thought she was capable of achieving!

She is aware that every person has the power within them to co-create infinite possibilities, as we are all limitless beings that have gifts to be of service to each other by embodying conscious awareness. Karlee has studied and consistently implemented self-healing practices such as yoga, meditation, breath/chakra work, reprogramming the subconscious brain, holistic nutrition, and the mind, body, spirit connection for over 8 years. She provides life-altering transformations by teaching her clients how to achieve a healthy, intuitive, sustainable lifestyle without sacrifices. Her space allows her clients to be vulnerable and express their true authentic selves to discover their soul purpose so they gain a life of abundance, love, and financial freedom. This is her purpose, to empower people to become conscious and in turn, heal Mother Earth.


She provides tools and knowledge to help teach and support her clients to reach optimal health, embody an abundance mindset, reprogram the subconscious brain, heal past trauma or inner wounds, overcome negative emotions, tap into their intuition, become consciously aware, crush limiting beliefs, become confident AF, manifest and attract what they desire, always be in alignment with there goals and desires, how to create an income around their soul purpose, and most importantly how to allow Source to guide their everyday life aka. work less and receive more.

If any of that resonated with you ~ Check out Karlee's Work With Me section to learn more about her offerings and how you can work with her!

I'm Koach Karlee

and although I used to be disempowered and stuck, now I help others to undergo similar transformations as I did, releasing all that holds us back, and rising into our full potential on our highest divine path… I’m here to help you do the same! But there’s something I need you to understand:


Your power, abundance, & freedom are being hindered every day by the frozen frequencies – or stuck negative energy within you – and it’s like having a million tiny ANCHORS hooked into your body and mind, keeping you from reaching your goals!


And WHAT’S WORSE! You’re GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY every day, due to unconscious tendencies that are triggered by these frozen frequencies inside you!


Your peace is STOLEN on the daily, and you are NOT FREE to abide in authentic joy for any length of time before a situation comes up that triggers your frozen frequencies inside you, causing your POWER to be siphoned away like gas from your car, leaving you with little to no energy to reach your goals or create the type of transformation you desire!


Well not anymore!


Because I’m going to show you how to RELEASE these FROZEN FREQUENCIES & ELIMINATE the NEGATIVE TENDENCIES that control you every day so that you can BE FREE, JOYFUL, POWERFUL, CLEAR & ABUNDANT,


Living your best life, and being THE LIGHT that other people need so desperately right now…


Are you in??


I’m holding a FREE WORKSHOP this Thursday, and you’re all invited to come!


During this class you will be guided through healing visualizations, meditations, & exercises that help you to Release Negative Energies, Frozen Frequencies (limiting beliefs/imprints) & any Stuck Emotions of Lack, Unworthiness, Worry, Anxiety, Fear, Exhaustion, or Anger…


We will empower you with new beliefs about yourself!




Koach Karlee is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Mentor, High Performance Coach, #1 Best-Selling Author & Holistic Nutritionist

Take Back Your Power 

Unleash Your Freedom & Experience Peace Throughout Your Being without Giving Up what You Desire

In This New Masterclass / Workshop, You Will:

  • Grow From Frozen To Free &

  • From Passive To Powerful!

  • ​Activate your Divine Highest Timeline & 

  • ​Step Into Your Most Magical Life

  • ​Embody the Highest Version of Yourself!

  • ​Experience True Inner Peace

  • Release all that's holding you back!

  • ​Align into Effortless Success!

  • ​Expand Beyond Limitations

  • ​Become One With Who You Really Are!

You’ll stop overthinking, overworking, imposter syndrome, release the overwhelm, and you’ll discover how light & energized you can truly feel!


You will also learn tried and true methods for stabilizing & healing your inner self so that new opportunities & soul-aligned relationships are magnetized to you without you even trying!


All without ANY drastic changes or achieving monk-like states of meditation!


Come to this workshop on Thursday evening, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Module 1 Beliefs


Explore and discover the power of your beliefs

  • What are our beliefs?

  • How our beliefs affect our lives

  • Discover what you really believe

  • Identify and Eliminate The Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back In Life

Module 2 The Power Of You

​Learn and Understand the Key Aspects Of Your Own Personal Psychology and How They Affect Your life

  • Language and the subconscious mind

  • The meanings we give to our experiences

  • Focus & Emotions

  • State & Beliefs

Module 3 Success Habits

Create the habits which lay the foundation for consistent success

  • How Habits create results

  • The Importance of Quiet time

  • Body, Mind & Spirit

Module 4 Create Your Future

Opening your mind to the possibilities for your life

  • The Power of Questions

  • Take a Journey of the Mind

  • Create the vision for your Life & Business

Module 5 The P.O.W Method – The Power of WHY


The Steps to maximise your productivity and create the path to your Fulfilment

  • Could, Should or Must

  • Eliminate your To DO list

  • Defining the Milestones to your Success

Private Facebook Group 

  • Get Peer Support

  • Create and join discussions

  • Share your experiences from the program


​Weekly LIVE Coaching Call with David 

  • Get support on any topic or module in the Program for as long as you need it.

  • Yes you can join every week for support.

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