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Founder Of GFLS

Welcome to Gluten Free Lifestyle and Support. This community is designed to share information and help support others living a gluten-free lifestyle. We provide a welcoming and safe place to discuss and share recipes, questions, and anything gluten-free.

All members must answer all membership questions and agree to uphold the group rules before entering the community. This is for the protection and privacy of our members.

We understand that being thrown into a gluten-free lifestyle can be overwhelming. We recognize that giving up your favorite foods and not having others appreciate your health choices can be difficult. This group will help alleviate that stress by communicating with others going through the same issues as you. By sharing our tips and tricks for living a happy and healthy gluten-free lifestyle, we hope to help everyone on their journey to better health.

Gluten Free Lifestyle and Support seeks to bring value to its members through sourcing industry experts and creating impactful and engaging content. At times, admins will share posts that contain affiliate links. Admins may receive a small commission if members click on said links and make a purchase.

There are great opportunities for those looking to market their products or services in this group (Bloggers, YouTubers, small and large businesses, health, wellness and fitness coaches). Please direct message Rivkah Sherr, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check out my admin bio and feel free to connect.

We look forward to helping everyone on their journey to better health through a gluten-free lifestyle.


Are you interested in becoming a Collaborator or Brand Partnership with Gluten Free Lifestyle & Support?

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