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Hello!  I am Jennifer June! Love brought me into life to heal anguish and heart break in people and animals.  When I was little,  I was knocking on doors, collecting money for the humane society.  By age 10, I had taught myself astrology and read every Edgar Cayce. 


My path took me through the arts, music and writing.  I studied and studied, and eventually completed school with a Master's Degree in Social Work, and  I became a Doctor of Psychology.  So I could really do something in this world. 


I joined the military, and worked tirelessly with combat trauma..  I got to live in Germany, and see so much of this beautiful world.  The hand of God has always been upon my back.  HE led me to some very dark places, such as prison, such as mothers who lost a baby...because that's where compassion and hope are needed most. 


I learned how to listen to people with my heart wide open.  I experienced their experience right along with them.  I could give it words, I could give them a voice.  This is the beautiful gift God has given me to help set people free. 


I have walked with people, through their hell and back.  Each time we made it back, they regained another piece of their soul.  I learned not to fear the dark, because you have to go into the dark in order to find your healing.


I am not here as a psychologist or social worker or military officer or artist. I am here as something so much greater than me.   I am as an instrument of God, that He  may work for you, through me.  Bringing Heaven into Earth through healing the




Psychologist & Energy Practitioner & Trauma Specialist
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