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It's Time To LEVEL UP!
In a world where there is often turmoil -- where politics are negatively impacting the economy, where businesses are facing unprecedented challenges surrounding their business model, people are losing their jobs, and some people are even dying from a pandemic -- we must face the truth that our future lies in our ability to be resilient, overcome obstacles and focus on our dreams, on what we truly want in our lives, and how to get it. 

No matter where you are in your career path, there's always room for improvement. There is always a need for more leaders to share their gifts, their truth, their knowledge and their experience. 

Ascension Development & Consulting offers unconventional courses that take you closer to your dreams.  Whether it's a dream career, strong flourishing relationships, a new path, a dream life, is all yours for the taking...but you must ACT NOW!

Schedule A Breakthrough Call

Do what your heart calls you to do. If you're unsure, this is all the more reason that you must START NOW. Schedule a Breakthrough Call and discover what your role is as a leader.



WY Wong

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Transformational Coach  & Intuitive Energy Healer

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