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About Kane...


I teach coaches and experts how to use storytelling in their content rather than selling.


I am the founder of The Story Extraction Method and run a program Speakers Inspire Millions.


I guide clients back to self to embody their existence by empowering their truth in their story to resonate at a high frequency.


I have spent over 30 years in the film and entertainment industry, have won a best film award, nominated for best actor, worked with people like Margot Robbie and am a transformational coach that now uses my expertise to teach coaches and experts, how to use storytelling to emotionally connect to their clients and sell without selling on a virtual stage.


I have certainly been through the ups and downs, and the slings and arrows of what it takes to work with clients, to market yourself, to get deep transformations within clients and to master mindset.


A little bit of a backstory, I rose above many years of bullying as a fat kid, sexual assault, domestic violence, parental alienation, divorce, and the ability to find peace and success within my own self. Take care beautiful soul.




Transformational Story Coach

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    I empower coaches and speakers to discover their real journey in their...

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