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My name is Hourfern and like many of you I have come to assist and inspire humanity in remembering not only who we are but what we are as Energy. Everything in the Universe is energy so it would only make sense that we learn about it cause Energy Matters!



Like most old souls in this lifetime, I came to heal much generational trauma which was unbeknownst to me at the time. I had many difficult experiences as a child from the violence of an alcohol addicted parent, verbal and sexual abuse, neglect, poverty and living on the streets as a teenager just to name a few. Being an empath and going through these experiences heightened my ability through survival to sense energy but for me I had to block them as it was just simply too intense to process others emotions not to mention my own at such a tender age.

In my early adult life I just kept running from my past and pains for decades until it finally all caught up with me and I fell into a deep depression… I had no choice but to begin to face the darkness I had been trying to keep buried. Traditional therapies and medication seem to help some but were only fleeting and I still felt something was missing so I kept searching.


Almost 20 years ago I began to seek the truth of the world around me as I found myself pondering much bigger questions and why I felt such deep discontent with my life. I began a massive journey of self development and what I like to think of now as my own personal mystery school...I began to study ancient knowledge and to look inward through meditation which eventually reconnected me with my spiritual abilities, intuitively reading energy, claircognizance, and empathy.


I learned many different modalities from many different teachers including the guidance of my own Spirit for healing emotions. My journey took me to learning about dowsing, ley lines/grid work, emotional intelligence, our personal energy bodies including our light body the merkaba. I knew deep in my heart on was on the right path and I learned about energy healing, manifestation, plant spirit medicines, natural healing for our physical bodies, channeling, tarot, pendulums, emotions, crystals, numerology, triggers, breathwork, self love, inner child work, shadow work, blockages/patterns and most importantly the key that pulled it all together was understanding energy.

My whole life I had been helping others although I did not understand how I got the wisdom and knowledge to do so which I have come to understand is claircognizance (a clear knowing). I believe many of us having the challenge of turning our gifts inwards before they fully come online.

In 2018 my connection to my Spirit had grown deeper and I was given the name of my Spirit which is Hourfern. I later learned this to be the sound of my own unique energy frequency and consciousness.


This catapulted my journey and by continuing to shed the layers of who I was not through shadow work, my Spirit began to teach me all about energy and how it works.


I was ecstatic as this was the key that brought all the pieces of the puzzle together and I began to embrace why we are here. Aligning with my consciousness as Hourfern has allowed me to deepen my understanding of energy and to assist others with understanding themselves and the world around them. I will teach you how to heal and navigate your life through the understanding of energy. I will assist you in building a solid foundation for your journey through spiritual practices.

Giving our minds the information to understand energy is what allows us to come back in to balance without defaulting into fear. This opens the door for coherence between our minds and our hearts which assists us in becoming more balanced. It is this shifting from swimming in our thoughts and reacting to them into feeling with our hearts innate intelligence which is our direct connection to Universal Energies and your own Spirit.


You came to Earth to master energy and because at your very core you are the energy of everything that exists and that is why your Energy Matters.


If you have been drawn to this page...there are no coincidences its all energy…

I would love to work with you and gift you the tools and wisdom I have gained through my 20 year journey.


Today I wish to create a tribe of beautiful souls who understand that Energy Matters.

You can book a FREE 30 min Energy Assessment to find out about your own personal energy below.




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  • Available Online

    A 1-on-1 zoom session with Hourfern - Liza Chappelle - Spiritual Ment...

    1 hr

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