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Magnetic Man - FREE Live Event

The 12 Pillars of Magnetism

by Kian E Z Eder

Are you ready to Raise your Frequency, Transform your Relationships and Magnetise your Dream Life by learning the 12 pillars of Magnetism?


Kian Eder combines 25 years of research & development to deliver transformational frameworks that will bring you back into

alignment with your inner Magnetic Man.

Saturday March 18 10AM AEST (Brisbane Time)



  • Pillar 1 – The Vision Quest​

  • Pillar 2 – Purpose and Values​

  • Pillar 3 – Radical Responsibility and Accountability​

  • Pillar 4 – The Mission​

  • Pillar 5 – Embodying the Divine Masculine 

  • Pillar 6 – The Art of Manifestation​

  • Pillar 7 – The Art of Magnetism​

  • Pillar 8 – Physical Transformation​

  • Pillar 9 – Emotional Mastery​

  • Pillar 10 – Mental Mastery​

  • Pillar 11 – Energetic Mastery​

  • Pillar 12 – Relationship Transformation and Mastery

  1. Create Crystal Clear Visions and Goals and identify Potential Barriers with the Vision Quest.

  2. Remember your Why and the Fundamental Values that drive you.

  3. Identify your Shadows and Overcome Self-Sabotage in a Powerful Men's Support Group.

  4. Create a SUPER Schedule to Collapse the Timeline on your Mission. 

  5. Re-establish your Primal and Energetic Masculine Power.

  6. Learn the simple 7 step process to Consciously Manifest your Visions and Goals.

  7. Clear Sub-Conscious Programs and Energetic Blocks that are Stopping you from achieving your Visions and Goals with the 'Rapid Reset Method'

  8. Develop some Simple Physical Habits that will Transform your Strength, Posture, Flexibility and Physical Presence.

  9. Learn to Monitor and Gain Control of your Emotional Reactions and become Consciously Emotive.

  10. How to Master your Thoughts to work 'For You' not against you with conscious positive programming.

  11. Track and Control your Energetic Frequency with the Rapid Reset Method

  12. Identify and shift dysfunctional / fear-based relationship dynamics increasing the frequency of all of your relationships, personal and professional.

Want a more Personalized Touch?


It is my mission to support you to Magnetise and Manifest your Hearts Desires and Align more fully with your Divine Purpose, Passions and Partnerships as we make enormous global shifts away from FEAR and back into LOVE.


A bit about me…


After recovering myself form severe childhood trauma (all levels).


I am now a high level Psychic, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide with a focus on Magnetism and 25 years experience in the healing and personal development industry.

My ‘Awakening’ in this lifetime began extremely young and I could see peoples deep sub-conscious thought / energy patterns from about 5 years old.

I made a conscious decision then to work out ‘WHY’ adults had so many problems in their lives that caused internal and external conflict and why they couldn’t just ‘be happy’ and love each other.


My comparative religious and spiritual studies began at about 12 and I read everything from the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Koran to the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Astrology for the Soul, Autobiography of a Yogi and many more.


By 16, I was naturally doing hands on healing for family members as I found affinity and connection with the Ascended Masters. 


By 19, I was studying massage, acupressure and kinesiology, advanced kinesiology (Neural Organisation Technique) and began doing a lot more energy healing in markets and festivals around Australia. 


When I was 23 I met my true Spiritual / Shamanic teacher, Yasmine Child and I studied Shamanism with her for 5 years learning to track and measure energy frequency, clear (past trauma, past lives, relationship dynamics), reset belief systems and move entities and disembodied spirits. 


I have spent another 20 years refining my techniques and now use my RAPID RESET METHOD to help people transform their energy frequency and their lives in the process.

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