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Align Your Platform & Start Your Movement

The Time Is Now!

This Offer is For You If...

Struggle With Messaging

Get super clear on your offer and why it is a good fit for your perfect client

Struggle With Niching

Our  tool finds the people who you already know you want to work with

Struggle with Motivation

You may have been doing this for a while and need a reminder of why

Conference Speaker

The Platform Alignment Workshop

Create a Solid Platform That Performs.

Public Demonstration

The Inspired



Take Your Platform and Turn It Into A Movement


We know that doing a workshop alone is probably not going to yield you the results you are looking for. That is why you get 2 follow up calls with
JP Adkins, the Freedom Jedi to ensure that you are on the right track and moving forward.

platform alignment system.png
  • 4 Adjustments

    45min 1 on 1 Sessions
    • 1 On 1 Recorded Zoom Session
    • Multi Dimensional Adjustments
    • Astral Readings
    • Answers to your questions
    • Cleansing of energy disorders
    • Bringing truth to the light
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