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Are you a Coach & You want to launch a Course but don't know where to start?

I Have that brilliant course idea, but let me first build it and later i can think about selling it in the market!

This is what most of the coaches think they need to be doing first.

And they spend all their energy & months of time in creating their world class program.

Once its done now they are willing to make sales by launching it in the market and all they hear from it is crickets, 😩.

And here all of the time in building your offer seems to be wasted!

They start to panic and loose their confidence and end giving up.

So how do we avoid all the later drama of the whole scenario is.

By launching a beta round!

Which means selling your program/course idea first before even its created.

You craft your offer idea and have few customers first, it helps further in refining your offer and messaging once its tested by few customers.

Now the offer is validated from the market and you are assured that the market needs it.

And the best part is you are building the program while you are delivering it to your customers so its done along the way.

And you are making profit out of it, even before its created.(what’s better than profits first😎)

This is the exact reason i recommend my clients to launch the beta round first.

If you have that brilliant program idea in your mind, would you not launch it first and avoid the wastage of time in building it before selling?

If you are someone who needs help launching your online program and pre-sale it with the help of an expert, you need to book a free 1:1 strategy call and we can plan your launch Together!

Hey, I'm Jyotsna! I help coaches and course creators Presale- build- scale their online coaching programs and generate leads and sales even while they sleep!

Are you willing to sell-out your beta programs and further scale it to $10k-$15k/month, without spending a dime on ads, without focusing on growing tons of audience first, and without spending all day long promoting over social media platforms?

Or you are a coach who is looking forward to scale your business by utilizing ads to have your biggest launch ever? I would love to help! Click on the button below to book a free strategy call with me and let’s launch your first or next profitable coaching program!

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