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Do you want to be healed, or do you want to heal?

For so many of my clients, their desire to end the cycle of pain, depression, and struggle in their lives is beyond real... They have searched high and low for answers to be healed. They have spent $1000 and endless hours, reading, studying, and self-caring. AND YET - they remain needing the be healed.

Much of faith-based healing, from readings and energy healing and beyond doesn't address the reality of living life fully in your body. Some even make it wrong, less than and fill their followers with guilt, shame, and fear for being a lowly human. Then medicine, both eastern and western, therapy and medicine ignore the energy and holy aspect of healing using quackery, woo woo, and again fear and shame to keep people paying into the broken system of pharmacy.

True healing begins within. It begins with you - not me, not a teacher, book or the right reiki master. True healing begins when you embrace both your physical needs, desires, and wants while flowing with your magic, mystical brilliance.

Most of my clients - have had a lifetime of trauma, survival has been life for them. Financial issues, career worries, trouble with self-acceptance and lack of trust, wanting to be loved yet being alone, and not knowing where to start. I will tell you this. You don't start with me. You start with you!!

Do you want to keep seeking, healing, and waiting for answers?

Do you want to stay broke to be fixed and loved into believing you are worthy?

Do you want to keep proving yourself?

Do you want to continue to feel separate and astranged from your own inner child and holy spirit?

If so honor the journey!!

But when you are ready, really ready to discover yourself fully. To choose yourself. To be your answer, to claim your worth, to know your heart and soul and belong. You will find your teacher, your perfect job, and your great abundance and you will fully be the gift to the world you are seeking now.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community and bring myself fully here. Till next time. I hope to get to meet you if you book a time for us to meet. I am ready to guide you if you feel drawn to me, if and when you are ready too!!

Be Amazing, YOU!!!

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