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Here's How to Attract Client's Spiritually For Your Coaching Business!

  1. Be Authentic: the most important aspect of attracting more clients in a more soulful and spiritual way is by being totally authentic. Authentic is about being you, but also really knowing yourself, knowing your greatest strengths and vulnerabilities. I do this by helping coaches, healers, and therapists like you identify your strongest archetype traits that your clients want and need.

  2. Focus On Your Zone Of Genius: Make sure you know and focus on your zone of genius. You are not here to heal or help everyone, you are here to share your most powerful soul gifts, live your life and soul purpose by knowing and focusing on your Zone Of Genius.

  3. Be Spiritually Guided In Your Business:Every spiritually guided business like you needs a strong spiritual practice and strong spiritual connection which is an important part of their life and business. Make sure you check in at least every day with your inner spiritual guidance, your god connection, to keep you on the right track. When we get out of our own ego, our own limited perceptions and trust the universe it gets much easier to attract customers spiritually, it also helps with Spiritual Discernment so important in a spiritual business. That is why I have included a Lightworkers Toolkit in the Platinum Spiritual Marketing Membership.

  4. Heal Your Wounding: Every single one of us has an ego, has an inner child and trauma wounding that needs to be transmuted. Most healers and therapists have wounded healers; this can come in the shadow form of the helper, caregiver, rescuer, victim, or healer where we struggle to receive, struggle to charge appropriately for our services. Inner Child Healing and Archetypal Healing can be very supportive in helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs shift energy blocks and trauma that are sabotaging your success, blocking or suppressing your most powerful gifts.

  5. Focus On The Now: One big unhealthy habit of the business industry especially the coaching industry is so much focus on the future that the coach or business owner is not giving the here and now their full attention. I remember I booked a few sessions with a therapist and every session I had booked she turned up at least 10 minutes late, I discovered she was actually popping on Facebook to do some Facebook live promotion of her work. Instead of being totally focused on the client she had, she was giving more attention to potential future clients. This is not just poor client service, it is poor business practice. Give every single task your full and present attention. Give every client your full and present attention.

  6. Put Your Energy Into Your Marketing: One of the most powerful ways we can use online marketing is by getting our energy, our uniqueness, and our quirkiness into our marketing. There is only one you, and if you are a coach, healer, or therapist your clients are investing in the solution and YOU. It is so important that your energy imprint is in your marketing, your blogging, and your content creation. That is why I LOVE teaching my clients how to combine spiritual marketing with archetypal branding. It is a powerful way to attract, connect and engage with soul clients who are going to be attracted to your unique soul expression. It is a holistic marketing and spiritual marketing approach that goes soul deep. It is also the reason why I believe you need to understand yourself, your gifts, your branding, and your marketing strategy which should include a before you hire someone to do your social media for you. This makes it so much easier to attract customers spiritually.

  7. Share Soul Client Testimonials: One of the most simples ways to attract customers spiritually is through client testimonials, and customer reviews, especially on Social Media where your potential clients or audience get to see that the review or client testimony is actually from a genuinely happy customer or even better from an ecstatic soul client who loves your products and services.

  8. Product Guarantees: Products guarantees, for example, a 14-day money-back guarantee can help take the fear risk of purchase for a client or customer. Especially in products where the client is expected to make a reasonable investment such as a coaching program or training course. This helps instill confidence in potential customers that you genuinely want your customers to be satisfied.

  9. Give Generously: People want to know you genuinely care about them, and that you want what is best for them. So be generous in your blog tips, free resources, and lead magnets.

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