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How To Heal The Masculine & Feminine Energies Free Workshop Aug 31/2022 | Hosted By Emily Dayane

How To Heal The Masculine & Feminine Energies Free Workshop Aug 31/2022

| Hosted By Emily Dayane

We all have the feminine and masculine energies in us, the yin and yang, independent of gender. Both of these energies when in harmony, support you in your everyday life.

We live in times that the feminine energy has been suppressed – and that is causing an imbalance that we see in the planet, in society and in our lives.

But when one of these energies is not being expressed we operate from the unconscious, a place where we store our traumas and we don’t have much control of our behaviors.

What happens when the feminine energy is suppressed?

~ you get anxious, unbalanced and uncentered

~ you experience problems in your relationship

~ you feel burned out, stressed and spread too thin

~ stop trusting yourself and your intuition

~ scarcity mindset

~ have no boundaries or you're too rigid and controlling

~ nothing seems to naturally go your way or come to you without effort

Healing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine within will help you:

- find inner peace & balance in your life

- connect with your intuition;

- have better relationships;

- profound self-knowledge and self compassion;

- deep trust in yourself & ability to surrender;

- let go of control, which makes way for freedom!

- to be healthy in your body and mind!

Does that sound good?

I have been doing deep feminine embodiment work for the last 10 years and in my experience there are 4 steps to fully surrendering back into the feminine, thus restoring balance in your entire being!

Want to learn what they are?

I am offering a free online workshop where I will give you tools to connect your masculine and feminine energies, and you will learn how to release the interference caused by their unbalance within you…

Through this your energies will be healed and harmonized!

Would you like to attend?

I’m hosting this workshop where I will show you the 4 steps to healing and harmonize your energies on August 31!

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