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Spiritual Intellectual & Emotional Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is related to the relationship between you and the universe, the world of creation, and existence in the world. Spiritual intelligence refers to the ability of understanding deep spiritual questions and inner insights which is the highest level of intelligence Spiritual intelligence is the concept of awareness of spirituality as a context for existence or the power of creative life from evolution. In addition, spiritual intelligence is the complete inner consciousness, deep awareness of the world, spirituality and the Hereafter. Spiritual intelligence is the attitude of self-awareness as well as our relationship with God, each other, and all creatures. Spiritual intelligence depends on the ability to see things more than the individual aspect and the recognition of the relationship between perception, faith, and behavior. Humans rely on spiritual intelligence when we search the meaning of the questions like what am I? why am I here? Etc. Spiritual intelligence helps humans find the hidden source of the love and joy that goes to stress and anxiety every day. Spiritual intelligence means finding a meaning for life and avoiding unnecessary events which means spending time for transcendental goals regardless of the views of others. (Abdollahzadeh, Baqherpour, Bozhmehrani and Lotfi, 2009). Ed Diner considered the fundamental components of real wealth for humans as follows:-Satisfaction with life and happiness-Spirituality and meaning in life-Positive attitudes and emotions-Kind social relationships-Engaging and working activities-Values and goals of life for their realization-Physical and mental health-Financial sufficiency for satisfying the needs Finally, if you are prevented from the development of any aspect of real wealth, your quality of life will be destroyed. Meanwhile, spirituality and meaning have a significant role in life (Abdollahzadeh, Mahboobi and Bagherpour, 2012). Truly this is the key to the quotient we all seek So together let's keep diving deep into complete awareness of observation and be humans being.


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