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Traveling The World As A Spiritual Mentor & Self Mastery Mindset Coach | Ryan Jordan

"I just got back from a 5 country tour (UK London, Scotland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic and a few provinces in Canada) and i wanted to share some of my Photos & Favorite Experiences"

As I dove deep into my true souls mission while 8 traveled to thousand year old churches throughout the UK, prayed and meditated at temples in Thailand and I know the journey will be continuing.

I'm a very self aware Energy worker Healer, Self Mastery Coach and Empath and my journey of life has led me to over 18 countries so far. So many incredible experiences and so many amazing souls have touched my life.

I am here to serve and share and co create so thought I'd introduce myself further and share some of my latest photos and do stay tuned as more travels are coming up.

These most recent travels really open my eyes to the ways I was living and how I live now and obtained my Dream life through it all.

So I travel the world giving back and supporting like-minded lightworkers helping them do the same. Read more about me here

So my question to you all is where are you planning to travel to next?

Or where have you been in 2022 so far? and share your photos with us all below in the comments

"Together we co create manifest and align"

Grateful to be here, with all you and stay tuned for my latest videos coming out on my Youtube Channel and my next traveling around the world plans

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