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Conscious Relationship Consult | Zach G

Available Online

I help people magnetize aligned partners & bring deeper pleasure to their relationship experience.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

Zach Gallardo is an entrepreneur, Tantra practitioner, and seasoned relationship coach, with a background rich in psychology and a unique blend of cognitive-behavioral tools. He is set to guide people & communities on creating healthier, more conscious dynamics so that they can fully utilize relationships as a lightning path to awakening. Over the course of his 8-year entrepreneurial career, Zach has mastered the tapestry of human connection and emotional intelligence. His broad understanding of Jungian archetypes, attachment styles, and the internal family system forms the foundation of his approach to transforming interpersonal relationships. He's also explored the depths of narcissism, codependency, non-violent communication, and polarity dynamics that create a strong frame for common relational problems. Also immersed in the worlds of polyamory and BDSM, Zach developed an inclusive, yet well-boundaried outlook on love and relationships, encouraging acceptance, curiosity, and open-mindedness. His commitment to shadow work and inner child healing promotes a deep understanding of the Self, commonly sparking powerful transformation in his clients. He marries these intricate dynamics with his own unique passions, incorporating things like freestyle rap and ecstatic dance as therapeutic tools to process emotions and release trauma. As a relationship coach, Zach is no stranger to empowering individuals and couples to unlock their ultimate potential. He guides singles towards attracting aligned partnerships, while teaching couples how to channel their shared power into passionate Unions. His transformative coaching techniques awaken, empower, and heal... Fostering stronger bonds and deeper connections. As an events facilitator, Zach is keen on bringing his wealth of experience and unique methodologies to communities at large. His focus is to construct and hold sacred spaces where individuals can explore, learn, grow, and connect together, embracing their authenticity and honoring their emotional & sexual landscape. His workshops & Temples are designed to encourage playfulness and edginess, while promoting a sense of safety, respect, unity, and a deep devotion to the Divine. With his firm belief in re-writing our outdated relationship patterns, Zach Gallardo is prepared to lead communities into a new era of more conscious, more purposeful, more ecstatic, & more aligned relationships around the world. Join him on this journey & see for yourself.

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