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Follow-up Zoom Call with Eugene

Available Online

Eugene guides Aspiring Human Beings who want more from life, into the understanding of SELF.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

Have you ever wondered why some people can overcome challenges easier, while others find it difficult? How do you know if you were given what you needed to handle the challenges of the human experience and live a full and complete joyous life? Life leaves clues... If you are feeling stuck, experience limiting beliefs, overwhelm, anxiety, fear & feelings of not being good enough. Then my guess is you weren’t given what you needed If you would like to understand why this is challenging for you and then be given a road map to Understand, Relearn, Rebuild, Heal, and Transform your life, then jump on a free 45-minute Zoom discovery and alignment call, Eugene will discuss his program, The 10 Elements of Transformational Healing, which draws on his own personal journey on how he went from Hell to finding his way home to inner Peace Some of Eugene’s childhood experiences Never having one person love or be there for him. No community & no friends. And he was responsible for the care of his paranoid schizophrenic mother from ages 4 to 16. His father tried to kill him and his mother that he supported his whole life abandoned him choosing his father instead of him. As a result of his early childhood, all Eugene experienced, was abandonment, rejection, judgement, isolation, and all he knew was how to survive. As an 18-year-old he trusted no one, had no social or life skills. Then he invested over 30 years and 3500 hours to finding his way home to inner peace and self-respect creating his own healing modality Eugene has detailed his program in his 3 Time International Award-Winning Book the 10 Elements of Transformational Healing: How to Rebuild Your Life After Trauma After Eugene completed the 10 Elements of Transformational Healing • He learnt how to love myself for the first time. • He rebuilt his missing development around communication skills and personal boundaries. • He healed his source fracture experiences. • And now he understands and have the tools to neutralize the triggers to his trauma so that he can respond to life rather than react. He uses the 10 Elements as his life compass. What he learnt was that if in your early developmental years your emotional needs were not met, your development was not provided for you and you experienced Source Fracture Experiences, the very essence of who you are gets fractured causing you to experience limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, feelings of not being good enough. Book a free no obligation call.

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