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Shadow Work | Parts Work Session W/ Ryan

Available Online

We will identify what you are wanting to be different within you, shifting those old patterns

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 333 U.S. dollars
  • Online Recorded Zoom Session

Service Description

Although dialog is essential in compassionate inquiry and exploration, we don't just talk: In our work together you will experience aspects of yourself and your limiting patterns through embodiment of these aspects of yourself in facilitated shadow work and parts work process. In this way you will enter into relationship with the aspects We do this through deep compassionate inquiry and in working with the unconscious through shadow work and parts work.​ ​The unconscious is that mysterious realm where much is hidden from us, yet which continually spills out into our world. The problem with the unconscious is that it is unconscious and because of this we can't approach it directly, but we can track, engage and interpret its manifestations in our behavioural patterns, our thoughts and the pathology that manifests in our bodies. Each of these offers an avenue into a psyche that is actively seeking healing. ​I use a sensitive and deep shadow work framework to guide you safely through your session, creating a powerful and experiential personal process of exploration and emotional healing. Each session is structured around your desired outcome and at every step of the work you are completely in control of what happens or does not happen. This allows you to move effectively to the core of the issue in safety and at your own pace. The Shadow Self (the unconscious parts of our personality) is often the unconscious driver behind the dissatisfaction, imbalance, disconnection or lack of fulfilment within ourselves and our relationships. The longer length of a typical session allows a strong container to build within which these hidden parts and repressed emotions can be met in shame free acceptance, with a sense of safety and a sensitive holding. Making themselves known, these energies can be explored and re-integrated into our lives in an embodied and authentic way, releasing their wisdom and the associated energy that was required to keep them hidden. ​The work invites you to turn towards and explore those parts of your personality that you might struggle to be with, or find it hard to understand or accept. Through our work together you can explore and get to know these sides of yourself and give space and voice to all the bodily experiences, feelings, thoughts and beliefs - the welcome and the not so welcome. It is through this creative exploration that emotions can be expressed and insight comes, and with that, the potential for transformation and healing.

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