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The Power Of Our Love, Unlock The Inner You With Jessie & Jason Live Event Replay

In truth we did not know who we were. It is through our journey together that we understood that we are experienced souls here to take on humanity's pain and to release it to God. We are souls that have a contract with Our father God to accomplish the mission of returning to unconditional Love embodied in our human flesh.


Our promise is to walk in the Christ consciousness so that we can be an example of the path that God has shown us.


We are a culmination of the light that was birthed through all the pain and trauma we carried and transformed.


We both took on humanities's intense desire and rejection to be in union with the feminine and masculine energy (narcissism & codependency). We decided to take on this dynamic so we learn how to return to unconditional love from a place of hatred and powerlessness. Little did we know that throughout our journey we were being trained by God to pull humanity out of the deepest darkest places.


This has caused pain, depression and lack of emotional fulfillment between the feminine and masculine. We lived this turmoil in our partnership for 8 years before we were ready to share this with you. As of now we are walking side by side with God as divine counterparts/partners with our children.


We are lovers and warriors of God here to serve humanity through our personal experience. We are happy to share everything we have learned through our journey to allow and easier path for you and your partnership.


Jessie & Jason


Divine Channel Healer Guides & Mentors

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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