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About Vidya...

Vidya - Embracing Grace and Unveiling Inner Strength

Vidya, a corporate technology executive in her 40s, has always been an accomplished individual in every aspect of her life. Her sharp mind, strategic thinking, and dedication to her work have propelled her to great heights within the corporate world.


However, life had an unexpected turn for Vidya when she stumbled upon a series of shocking emails that revealed the betrayal between her husband of 10 years and his lover.

Sitting in shock, Vidya experienced the searing pain of her heart being torn out of her soul. It was a devastating blow that shattered the foundation of trust she had built over the years.


For a long time, she dove deep into her pain, navigating the turbulent waters of betrayal and grief. But in the midst of her journey, Vidya discovered something remarkable—a gift wrapped within the experience.

Through nine years of introspection and self-discovery, Vidya found a wellspring of resilience and strength buried deep within her divine feminine. She realized that the betrayal she endured did not define her; instead, it became a catalyst for her personal growth and transformation. Vidya embraced her pain, allowing it to shape her into a conscious woman who exudes grace and confidence.

As she walked the path of healing, Vidya unraveled the layers of her being, unveiling a newfound sense of self that no one could ever betray. She tapped into her inner beauty and harnessed her sensuality, recognizing the power of spirit that lies within her. Vidya's graceful demeanor and magnetic presence became a reflection of the strength she had cultivated.

In the corporate world, Vidya continued to excel, drawing upon her resilience and wisdom to navigate the challenges that came her way. Colleagues admired her tenacity, intelligence, and unwavering dedication. Through her example, she inspired others to find their own inner strength and rise above adversity.

Beyond her professional achievements, Vidya became an advocate for self-love, resilience, and empowerment. She shared her story, touching the lives of countless individuals who were facing their own trials. Through speaking engagements, mentorship, and her online platform, Vidya uplifted others, reminding them that no matter what hardships they faced, they possessed an unshakable core of strength and beauty.

Vidya's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing pain and turning it into an opportunity for growth. Her story inspires others to reclaim their own narratives, shedding the weight of betrayal and finding their unique inner radiance. With every step she takes, Vidya personifies grace, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of a woman who has emerged stronger and more beautiful from the depths of heartbreak.

I invested 20 years to save you time.

• Life Mastery and Mind Transformation Facilitator, Demartini Method®

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    6 Years/2500 hrs. Mastering Alchemy

  • iRest(traumasensitive)
    Level 1 iRest Institute & Dr. Richard Miller

  • YogaTherapy(traumasensitive) 4.5 Years/1000 hrs. International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • MeditationMastery
    7 Years, Chopra Center




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