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About Zach...


I'm Zach, a relationship coach who has been helping people find conscious relationships for the past 7 years. My background in psychology, emotional attunement, and spirituality has given me a deep understanding of human connection and the workings of the mind.


My journey into relationship coaching began after I went through a toxic & debilitating relationship in 2017, PLUS a physical injury that all made me rethink my life's purpose. It was during this time that I discovered my gift for helping people rapidly shift their relationship success.


My coaching approach is based on three main pillars: Tantra, Polarity, and Trauma. By working with you on these areas, I build upon your inner work journey to accelerate your access to aligned relationships. This will aid you to not only attract partners on your level of inner work, but ultimately become more successful in getting your relationship needs met.


As a Scorpio AND human design Projector, I'm a precise, sharp, & sensitive guide for anyone who genuinely wants to transform their dating & relationship experience. If you've read this far, you’re obviously curious to know more, so book a call today.




Conscious Relationship Coach

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